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Noel Quinlan: Middle Kingdom

This top-selling landmark album by Noel Quinlan brings ancient Chinese music into the 20th Century with a fascinating blend of traditional instruments and modern technology.
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Noel Quinlan: Middle Kingdom II

The second release in the series, this cross-cultural phenomenon has gone multi-platinum in Asia and is becoming widely known and appreciated in the Western world. Noel Quinlan weaves his musical magic, seamlessly blending ancient Chinese traditional music and instruments with his own unique brand of technical wizardry.
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Noel Quinlan: Middle Kingdom III

Noel Quinlan: Middle Kingdom IV

Katusha: The Homecoming - CD

The Homecoming was recorded in Hong Kong and London and features 14 popular folk songs of China. Katusha reaches down deep into her soul in this musical journey to bring these ancient melodies to life. Katusha comes from Southern China, and at an early age attracted the attention of her first voice coach, Zhang Ru Jun, who introduced her to the Western vocal repertoire. She attended the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts, and after winning a Sir Edward Youde Fund Scholarship she studied Opera at the London Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
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Islands - CD

ISLANDS charts a new course for the adventurer inside us all. With the opening sounds of the Pacific lapping gently on golden sands, the romance of The Wind In Your Hair will take you away to some of the most magical places in the world.
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Masters of China - CD

Relax.... Lie back, take a deep breath. Let the spirit of Chinese music inspire you to find inner strength and peace. Master musicians weave their magic in unique performances recorded together with natural sounds of China. Rare instruments used in this recording have been handmade by the performers from natural materials.
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Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir - CD

The Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir was formed in 1978 to encourage and sustain the Welsh choral tradition in Asia, whilst providing enjoyment for the International community in that region.
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The Best of China Vol.1 - CD

Music from the hit TV series "YAN CAN COOK".
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Lucky Starr: Riverwind - CD

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Chinese Natural World I - CD

"Chinese Natural World" - Vol. I Featuring Bamboo Flutes The bamboo flute has been a central instrument in Chinese music for thousands of years. A simple piece of bamboo, it produces complex and evocative music in the hands of a master. The high pitched, reedy sound is most common, but larger varieties with lower tones are used for meditation and reflection. Melodies here are drawn from minority tribes, Beijing Opera, ancient traditional sources, and famous composers of recent times. Performed in natural environments such as rain forests, mountain glades, seashores, and the wide plains of the Steppes, they are performed by Chiu Siu Wai by on Ban-di, Qu-di, and Xiao, with Yeung-kum and Er-hu accompaniment.
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Chinese Natural World II - CD

"Chinese Natural World" - Vol. II Featuring Chinese Bowed Instruments Bowed instruments of the Er-hu family are much loved in China, and require great sensitivity and technique to extract their best. This recording features Lawrence Wong playing traditional and popular Chinese melodies. Accompanied by Qu-di and Yeung-kum, we are taken into Beijing Opera, festivals, and the introspective world of long-gone artistes. The natural environments in which the music is performed were chosen to reflect the places where this music was originally heard.
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Chinese Natural World III - CD

"Chinese Natural World" - Vol. III Featuring Chinese Wind, Plucked and Bowed The small ensemble is part of Chinese culture, and was intended to entertain at small social gatherings. The music here varies from ancient melodies to some of the most famous Chinese works of recent times. Sounds of nature interweave with the intriguing music of days gone by, performed by Lawrence Wong on Er-hu, Chiu Siu Wai on Xiao, Alice Pan on Yeung-kum, and Yeung Po Wing on Pei-pa.
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